van ool
Michelle van Ool is a Dutch artist currently living in London. She works with various media, such as;

001. film
002. photography
003. products / installations

From photographs that capture details of her unreliable memory until complex handcrafted machines that show how easily film can be manipulated. Michelle van Ool explores the reliability of human perception.

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photographic enlargements
002. a series of black and white photographic enlargements
mediated reality
003. a hand crafted 16mm copy machine
i don't understand life either
003. a costume made out of rubber casted lychees
002. a series of colour portraits
false memories
001. a poem about false memories
002. a series of black and white portraits
mirror mask
003. an experience with light
optic deception
001. a film seen through a cameras eye
upside down
003. see what your eyes actually see
aren't you bored i won't talk to you
001. a short documentary about miscommunication
contra vision
003. seeing through someone else's eyes
depth of focus
003. a light installation