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Michelle van Ool is a designer currently based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Fascinated by the way she perceives the world through her senses, she creates experiences, installations and machines that questions the reliability of perception as imagery. "What we perceive as reality is just a representation of the outside world. We don't perceive reality directly, it is mediated by the senses. This makes perception subjective." She often compares her own perception with that of media like photography and film, how do these media represent the outside world and in what way do these differ from the image the brain represent us.

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8 September 2017
EYE Filmmuseum
Amsterdam, NL
Talk on Mediated Reality

21 September 2017
Arnhemse Nieuwe
Arnhem, NL

30 September - 22 October 2017
Projektraum bahnhof25
Kleve, DE
Exhibiting Mediated Reality