March 2016 -         
The Deep web is a hidden place on the World Wide Web. All the websites are not indexed on standard search engines. Websites ending on .onion are only accessible using a tor browser and will make you anonymous while visiting. The first contact I had with the Deep web was identical to what I expected, websites where you can buy weapons and drugs. After some research I ended up with this link http://nope7beergoa64ih.onion/ This website includes a bunch of tutorials. On first sight I could not discover any unity. One of the tutorials immediately attracted my attention. A tutorial named “Grow amazing crystals in minutes”. Fortunately, I read the file name in time. FAKE_WILL_KILL_YOU_Crystals.jpg. In the tutorial they instructed to combine chlorine with ammonia, this combination while inhaling can be fatal.

Because on first sight you cannot see a hidden layer in the tutorials you also won’t in this book. Hidden in this book there are connections made between the tutorials. The holes visualise how dangerous the tutorials are to accomplish, how much money and time it costs and how amateurish or professional the design is. Just like I experienced the tutorial, which draw my first attention, the aesthetics can be misleading.