June 2017 -         
Commissioned by EYE Filmmuseum, Mediated Reality is a machine that questions the reliability of film. The machine is able to both develop and copy film. In the past, negatives were used as proof of evidence within crime scenes because these are the first results of developing film. When turning a negative into a positive by copying the film, the film can be manipulated. Mediated Reality copies the same film over and over again, the film visually transforms and eventually becomes unrecognizable.

As input for this project undeveloped film recorded for Eric de Kuyper’s movie Naughty Boys in 1984, is used. Surprisingly, these film canisters remained untouched for 33 years sitting in the dark. EYE Filmmuseum handed me these undeveloped film canisters, being the first person to develop it. A more authentic source you can't get.