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Lost in translation
The senses kisses the mood
Feeded by eyes, feeded by words
Translated. Misunderstood.

Listen, I listen
I listen to your silence
Listen, I listen
Reveal what you are hiding

The internet tries to tell me, the guy I used myself
A quiet, private person, abused a girl himself

I play the violin with my hands,
Replay the violence in your head
Repeating scenes from your past
Memories faded. Turning back.

Adjusting my memories to what I read online
Seeing what I want to see, energising my mind

I look at you, at a persona created myself
Feeded by words written by somebody else

Feeded by words
Feeded by eyes
Feeded by memories
Manipulating my mind

When your silent, I hear how foolish I sound
Your silence is a mirror, bringing words back around

- june 2018