January 2016 -         
When eating food you always have associations with flavours from previous experiences. This happens because you get influenced by the smell and the appearance of the food. Undressed food is an installation where all influencing side effects have been removed. Every capsule contains food which is processed into the same substance. Instead of getting manipulated by its appearance and smell, your brain will tell you only depending on the taste what you are eating. How reliable is your taste?

This project was part of the minor program called Transition, and exhibited at Showroom Arnhem. During the exhibition one capsule was filled with tompoes (a dutch cake). All participants tasted something different. Here is a list of ingredients visitors thought they were eating:

-speculaas (dutch biscuit)
-rose syrup
-selasih seeds
-taai taai (dutch cake)
-coffee milk
-almond milk
-soja chocolate